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  2. Around the Nibukawa·Pilgrimage

Around the Nibukawa·Pilgrimage

  • Strolling around(Nibukawa gorge)

    • Fureaibashi Bridge

      This bridge over across the valley, which was also selected to the Ehime Nature 100 is completed by the Nibukawa Life Environment Protect Forest Development Project in Heisei (time period), "pedestrian suspension bridge of the bridge length 22m · width members 1m".

      In the "Fureai no Mori" in the vicinity, we are planting trees and flowers, and they show a variety of different seasons.
    • Suigen no Morihashi

      This bridge over across the valley, which was also selected to the Ehime Nature 100 is Heisei (time period) in a pedestrian arch of the completed "bridge length 20m · width members 1.5m by the"Nibukawa Life Environment Protect Forest Development Project" It is a bridge.

      In the vicinity there are forest of the water source, promenade, etc. It is a great place to interact naturally.
    • Fureai no Mori, Shinrin-kan

      Nibukawa gorge addition to exhibiting the stuffing of animals living in the forest surrounding the Nibukawa gorge and the equipment used by people who worked in the forest forever, we also installed permanent books for enjoying books and nature, to feel the forest close Knowledge and information are gathered.

      Natural environment in the vicinity is outstanding, it is best for bird watching and forest bathing.
    • Nibukawa gorge

      As the main peak Mt Narahara of Oku-Dogo Tamagawa Prefectural Nature Park is in Nibukawa gorge that has been selected in the Ehime Nature 100, it inhabits many, such as "Amenouo" and "mass" by the clear stream flowing out of the whole area of the mountains .

      The beauty of the mountain stream is just mysterious.It is a place where you can enjoy the taste of nature such as summer's coolness and autumn leaves.
  • Surrounding tourist facilities

    • Kurushima Strait Ohashi

      Oshima Island is the world's first triple suspension bridge over the Kurushima Strait, about 4 km wide, between Oshima Island and Imabari. From the bridge, you can enjoy the view of "Kurushima Strait" which is famous as a scenic spot of "Setonaikai National Park".

      It is also popular as a cycling course and you can see bicycle enthusiasts from outside the prefecture flying fast for the purpose of Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture on weekends.It is also popular as a drive and a touring spot.
    • Imabari Castle (Imabari-jo)

      Imabari Castle has been castle by Keicho years (1604 years) in September, was a large Mori of Iyo Hankoku 200,000 3,000 stone Takatora Todo The castle area was a Beach Hirajo Castle that introduced seawater to the moat of Mie, which is divided into 8 towns and 16 squares. Currently, I have left Honmaru, Ninomaru, Uchibori (inner moats) and Ishigaki.

      Castle Tower has been rebuilt in Showa (time period) in October, it became a symbol of the city of tourism and culture.
    • Towel Museum ICHIHIRO

      Imabari Towel with high technology level and good feel, and well-known name with logo design of Kashiwa Sato design. Tourist attractions that can be purchased from towel art, manufacturing process tours to souvenirs in the Setouchi.

      Towel Museum is a popular item that the Towel Museum's Lucky bug filled with towels is hidden.
    • Citizen's Forest

      Shimanami Kaido Imabari IC “Citizen's Forest” is located next to the Shimanami Kaido Imabari IC.
      Citizen's Forest of Citizen's Forest who originally had natural forest, wetlands botanical garden, trim course, etc was able to enjoy various flowers every season as flower park, play equipment and outdoor stage etc were prepared at the back of the park.

      * 7 days a week·Free entrance
    • Tamagawa General Park

      Facilities that enjoy outdoor sports such as tennis court and baseball ground · athletic · long slide are enriched.
      Various events are held at the multipurpose hall "Greenpia Tamagawa" and the method of utilization is infinite as an exchange base for "sports", "recreation" and "cultural activities".
  • Pilgrimage

    • Shikoku 88 places

      You can cover 88 places around Shikoku and go to only one favorite place. Enjoy the pilgrimage trip that suits you and please visit us.
      The total itinerary of 88 places is about 1,300 km.Ehime Prefecture has 25 bill stations from 40th temple stations to 65th temple stations, and the distance is about 410 km in total.

      Shikoku 88 places spiritual Shikoku 88 places in Shikoku are said to "provide 88 merits other than 88 troubles" at the place of training of the mind and body opened to Yamano in Shikoku.
    • Kadoya nearest place from Kadoya

      58th temple "Senyuji Temple"

      58th temple·Senyu-ji Temple (Honzon Senjukannon Bosatsu)
      Address: 483 Bessho, Tamagawa Town, Imabari City

      *About 15 minutes by car from Kadoya
  • tourist spot

    • Let's enjoy nature during the summer vacation! We can play water in the valley too!

      * About 7 minutes on foot to the valley