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Overnight Stay Plan

  • Ceramic plate grilled and Setouchi of luxury multi-course meal plan of soft beef

    Dinner is mainly served with wagyu beef loin.You can enjoy luxurious banquet dishes such as fresh seasonal seafood from the Setouchi that the chief chef scrutinized and stocked.
    Please spend a wonderful time with a delicious meal · hot spring ·Continue reading
  • Seafood banquet dishes plan to taste the freshly caught Setouchi

    Chief Chef's recommended number one popular plan our hotel

    You can enjoy fresh seafood purchased in the market every morning and seasonal mountaineering in season with delicious lunch.
    Because boasted boiled rice with rice balls can be put on rContinue reading
  • A standard plan enjoy a rejuvenating journey at the famous hot springs, Nibukawa Onsen

    Standard plan that you can refresh with delicious meal and Bijin-no-yu of Bijin-no-yu

    Even the standard plan is super sized and popular! You will be delicious served full of stomach.
    Because boasted boiled rice with rice balls can be put on ricContinue reading
  • Inobuta Pork large pot a hot spring and gastronomy plan with a Nibukawa Onsen Specialty of Inobuta Pork large pot

    Nibukawa specialty Inobuta hot pot. Less fat and stamina than pork!

    Blunt river Nibukawa specialty using Yamato's Inotta and seasonal vegetables. It is soft and chewy because it is a boar × pig.There is umami, you can enjoy enough for older peoContinue reading