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Boasting the seasonal happiness of mountain sea

Especially··Kurushima Strait sea ​​bream, which grew up in the early tide of the Kurushima Strait and was tightened, is excellent.

Cooking example

  • Soft beef loin pottery grilled and Setouchi luxury banquet dishes

    Setouchi the fresh seafood of Setouchi luxuriously, mainly high-quality prefectural beef loin.
  • Snapped head with tail head

  • Imabari specialty Horakuyaki Grill

    Seto taste full load!
  • Inobuta(Inobuta)hot pot kaiseki set meal

    Nibukawa specialty Inobuta hot pot kaiseki set meal Nibukawa specialty. Inobuta hot pot is full of collagen!
  • Breakfast

Passion as a pot material

  • Brand cattle·Iyo Beef

    Iyo Beef"Kinu-no-aji" which can be brought up with care in the breeding method of passion under the warm and mild climate of Ehime. Ehime local brand beef "Iyo Beef" should be enjoyed in shabu-shabu.
  • Natural·boar

    Please enjoy natural Botan (boar) hot pot with "Botan (boar) hot pot".