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Boasting the seasonal happiness of mountain sea

Especially··Kurushima Strait sea ​​bream, which grew up in the early tide of the Kurushima Strait and was tightened, is excellent.

Cooking example

  • Tender beef loin pottery grill and Setouchi luxury kaiseki cuisine

    Setouchi's fresh seafood luxuriously, mainly with premium beef loin.
  • Snapped head with tail head

  • Imabari specialty Horaku Grilled

    Seto's full of taste!
  • Boar(Inobu)Pot-party meal

    Nibukawa sweet pot dish specialties of Nibukawa.Ingotopota has plenty of collagen!
  • Breakfast

Passion as a pot material

  • Brand cattle·Iyo Beef

    Iyo Beef"silk taste" that can be brought up with care as a passionate breeding law under the temperate and mild climate of Ehime.Ehime local brand beef "Iyo Beef" should be enjoyed in shabu-shabu.
  • Natural·boar

    Please enjoy natural wild boar with "ぼ た ん 鍋 (稲 鍋)".